Elastomeric & Silicone Roof Coatings. Serving Greater Houston, Pearland, League City, Spring, Cypress, Jersey Village, Katy, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Friendswood, Alvin, Clear Lake

HORISONS is on the leading edge of understanding and offering roof & exterior solutions in Houston that make good business sense, meet or exceed green requirements and provide superior protection from our hot and humid environment. Schedule a consultation with a HORISONS representative to see how these products can be your solution.

Elastomeric & Silicone liquid applied systems are great choices for resurfacing Metal, MOD BIT & Single Ply roofs.  Although there are several manufacturers, HORISONS chooses to partner with MuleHide & Isothermal Protective Coatings, Inc. (IPC) due to their product technology & local engineering resources.


LASTING RESTORATION OR REPAIR KEEPS EXISTING ROOFS OPERATING EFFICIENTLY.  Every year that a building owner can keep the existing roof operating efficiently, keeps money in their pocket. Comprising nearly one-third of operating costs, energy consumption is the single biggest expense to commercial building owners today. Investing in an energy efficient roof can reap substantial savings.

ENERGY EFFICIENT ROOFS  White Mule-Hide A-300 FINISH has been independently tested to EPA guidelines with results of initial solar reflectance values up to 86% and 3 year aged values up to 72%, plus emissivity values of 91%, can reduce surface temperatures on metal roofs by as much as 50°F and interior temperatures by 15°F. 

EXTENDS ROOF LIFECYCLE  Advances in polymer chemistry have resulted in these professional grade products that protect building assets by extending the life of the existing roof.

EASY TO REPAIR  Scrapes or gouges in coated areas are usually repaired simply by cleaning and applying new product to the damaged area where it bonds to the existing coating.

FLEXIBILITY  Thermal shock, settling and seismic action can affect roofs. Mule-Hide Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings remain flexible in hot and cold temperatures (from –15°F to 200°F) to accommodate building movement and will not crack or blister like non-elastomeric paints & coatings.



Silicone is a full system is a monolithic, seam free layer, that is designed to rejuvenate the loss of performance described above – giving decades of waterproof “piece of mind”.

S2ilicone is immersible in water and non-sacrificial, so it is a good fit to circumvent the natural ponding conditions of your current roof structure & substrate and it is unaffected by UV rays.

Substantial savings to owner can be shared simply by avoiding the need for tear off, slope to drain redesign and elimination the “repair and repair again” cycle.

By applying a liquid applied silicone roofing system over your existing Mod Bit membrane, the owner will not have to add the 3.5” of ISO insulation to bring a new Mod Bit layer up to code. 

A silicone system satisfies the requirements of section 502.5 Cool roofs (Mandatory) of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code Amendments updated on September 2, 2011 by the city of Houston. 

It offers a 90% reflectance for dramatic energy savings up to 20-30%.

From a tax perspective, a silicone system is fully expansible year one under IRS Title Nine, United States and Texas Building Codes.

These silicone products have been evaluated and approved by agencies such as Factory Mutual Insurance, Texas Department of Insurance, Texas and US Building Code, Miami Dade etc. 

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